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Chapter 6 – Payroll Schemes 1. A _______________ is an individual on the payroll who does not actually work for the organization. a. Falsified employee b. Phantom employee c. Ghost employee d. Shell employee 2. Which of the following is not a type of payroll scheme? a. Ghost employee scheme b. False deduction scheme c. Falsified hours and salary scheme d. Commission scheme 3. Marsha Wood added her one-year-old niece, Jackie, to the payroll at JNC Company and began issuing paychecks in Jackie’s name, even though Jackie did not work for the organization. Marsha’s niece is not considered a ghost employee because she is a real individual rather than a fictitious person. a. True b. False 4. Which of the following is not necessary for a ghost employee scheme to succeed? a. Timekeeping and wage rate information must be collected. b. The ghost must be added to the payroll. c. The perpetrator must have access to a bank account in the ghost employee’s name. d. A paycheck must be issued to the ghost. 5. To safeguard against ghost employee schemes, the person in charge of entering new employees in the payroll system should also distribute the paychecks so that he or she can look for payments to unauthorized employees. a. True b. False 6. If a fraudster fails to remove a terminated employee from the payroll and collects the former employee’s fraudulent paychecks, he or she is committing a: a. Payroll larceny scheme b. Falsified hours and salary scheme c. Forged endorsement scheme d. Ghost employee scheme 7. Salaried ghost employees are generally easier to create and more difficult to conceal than hourly ghost employees a. True b. False


8. Which of the following analyses can be used to identify ghost employee schemes? a. Identifying employees who have no withholding taxes taken out b. Comparing actual payroll expenses to budgeted expenses c. Comparing employees who have...

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