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Chapter 1: The Role of BR
I. The Nature of Research
A. BR defined
B. Applied & basic BR
C. The scientific method
II. Managerial Value of BR
A. Identifying problems or opportunities
B. Diagnosing & assessing problems or opportunities
C. Selecting & implementing a course of action
D. Evaluating the course of action
III. When is BR Needed?
A. Time constraints
B. Availability of data
C. Nature of the decision
D. Benefits vs costs
IV. BR In The 21st Century
A. Communication technologies
B. Global BR
Chapter 3: Theory Building
I. Introduction
A. What is a theory?
B. What are the goals of theory?
II. Research Concepts, Constructs, Proposition, Variables & Hypotheses
A. Research concepts & constructs
B. Research proposition & hypotheses
III. Understanding Theory
A. Verifying theory
B. Theory building

Chapter 5: The Human Side of BR: Organizational & Ethical Issue
I. Introduction
II. Ethical issue in BR
A. Ethical qs are philosophical qs
B. General rights & obligation of concerned parties
C. Rights & obligation of the research participant
* The obligation to be truthful
* Participants’ right to privacy
* Active & Passive research
* Deception in research designs & the right to be informed
* Experiment designs
* Descriptive research
* Protection from harm
D. Rights & obligation of the researcher
* Research the isn’t research
* Mixing sales or fund-raising with research
* Pseudo-research
* Push polis
Chapter 6: Problem definition: The foundation of BR
I. Introduction
A. Importance of starting with a good problem definition
B. Problem complexity
* Situation frequency
* Dramatic changes
* How widespread are the symptoms?
* Symptom…...

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