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Ethics in International Business

Chapter Outline

OPENING CASE: Wal-Mart’s Chinese Suppliers



Employment Practices Management Focus: Making Apple’s iPod Human Rights Environmental Pollution Management Focus: Unocal in Myanmar Corruption Moral Obligations Management Focus: News Corporation in China



Personal Ethics Decision Making Processes Organizational Culture Unrealistic Performance Expectations Leadership Management Focus: Pfizer’s Drug Testing Strategy in Nigeria


Straw Men Utilitarian and Kantian Ethics Rights Theories Justice Theories


Hiring and Promotion Organization Culture and Leadership Decision-Making Processes Ethics Officers Moral Courage Summary of Decision-Making Steps



CLOSING CASE: Google in China

Learning Objectives

1. Be familiar with the ethical issues faced by international businesses.

2. Recognize an ethical dilemma.

3. Discuss the causes of unethical behavior by managers.

4. Be familiar with the different philosophical approaches to ethics.

5. Know what managers can to do to incorporate ethical considerations into their decision making.

Chapter Summary

This chapter focuses on how ethical issues can and should be incorporated into decision making in an international business. The chapter starts by looking at the source and nature of ethical issues and dilemmas in an international business. Then, the reasons for poor ethical decision making in international business are

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