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Character Analysis: One Flew Over The Cockos Nest

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One of the strongest human drives, power, can assist an auther in deepening the meaning of their work. One book that show cases this idea is One Flew Over The Cockos Nest, when Mrs. Ratchet and Mr. Mcmurphy fight for athority, allowing the auther to create an allusion to the battle between socity and peculiure people. While Mrs. Ratchet and Mr. Mcmurphy battle for power may seem unimportant, their individual pursuits to gain dominance allows the author to enhance the meaning of his story.

Even though Mrs. Ratchet and Mr. McMurmphy are both fighting to gain power over the other, they have diffrent reasoning for wanting control. Mrs. Ratchets desires dominace over Mr. McMucrty because that will allow her to manipulate the other pationts in the story to fall into her perfect idea of socity or humanity. In one instance when Bramdon, the narorator of the story, stated how the nurse will hold Therapeutic Community meeting in order to help patients transition
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Ratchet and Mr. Mcmurphy, allowed for the creation of an allustion to the real world battle socity ablity to conform and the peculier. In this story Mrs. Ratchet represents socity and Mr. Mcmurphy represents the peculier. This idea is shown when Mr. McMurphy was organizing the fishing trip and so she tried to scare the patients into no attending the event by showing them articles of ship rec in a despreat attempt to stop Mcmurphy in order to preserve her work done to fix the patioent to what she wants. However, her plan ended up no working and the fishing trip not only happend. This Trip allowed the patients to escape from Mrs. Ratchet and flurish in an accepting enviroment and have the courage to laugh for the first time in awhile (Kesey). This shows how socity, Mrs. Ratchet, tryed to conform the peculiers, Mr. McMurphy and other patients; yet, socity was not able to achive its goal due to the fact the peculers fought had for a chance at

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