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Character Analysis: The Help By Kathryn Stockett

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The Help by Kathryn Stockett shows the change happening in Jackson, Mississippi during an influential time for U.S. history. People are changing the way they view the African American population and how they should be treated. Along with how times and beliefs are changing, relationships are changing as well. When Minny becomes Celia’s maid after a tragic job loss, she makes an unlikely friendship that will continue on for years. Minny Jackson is a stubborn, big-mouthed maid, leaving finding a job very difficult. What didn’t help was when she got on the wrong side of Hilly Holbrook. When Minny just couldn’t take it anymore, she took some literal sweet revenge. This, of course, led to an unfortunate outcome. Minny was fired with seemingly no...

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...Name Professor’s Name Course Date Analysis of Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan in ‘The Help” (2011) This paper is set to take a detailed look at Skeeter in the film known as ‘The Help’. In the movie Skeeter is presented as a 22 year old white lady who has recently graduated from Ole Miss College. In addition, she is a fortunate daughter of a large scale cotton farmer at Jackson in Mississippi. Her nickname, Skeeter is given to her by her older brother due to size at birth. He thought she took after a skeeter. Upon her return from school, she realizes a degree of modifications based on the issue of racism. To be precise, she has a changed perception on the relationship between the members of the white households and afro American maids. She wonders why her society adopts a double standard notion at looking at individuals. For instance, she is surprised at the fact that the whites would not let their maids use the same lavatories as them, yet entrusting them (black maids) with the care of their children. Her attitude is heavily attributed to the absence of her favorite maid. She feels it was unfair for Constantine to leave without informing her. As a result, she suspects that something awful must have compelled her to part ways with her family. She later realizes that Constantine had been relieved off her duties upon her act of reuniting with her daughter, Lullabelle Bates. Another change worth noting in Skeeter revolves around the nexus between education...

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