Character Ethic vs Personality Ethic

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Success never fails to fascinate human beings no matter in past or nowadays. There have been two dominant theories of achieving success in the literature of the past hundreds years, the personality ethic and the character ethic. It is used to be widely acknowledged that the character ethic is the foundation of success. However, as times have changed, personality ethic has become increasingly popular. According to Noah St. John, the driving force behind success shifted from a character-based and principal-driven ethic to a personality-based ethic. From my perspective, both character and personality ethic play an indispensable role in success pursuing. Working on personality without improving character is neither productive nor effective.

Although nowadays the increasing number of people, as well as organizations, tend to pay more attention on individual’s personality, it is still worth noting the importance of character and realizing the profound meaning of success. The character ethic is based on attributes such as integrity, fidelity, courage, compassion, contribution, responsibility and justice. It seems that as long as people say and do the right things and package themselves in the right ways, they will be more likely to gain the results they want (Bloodgood, Tuenley, & Mudrack, 2008). In contrast, the personality ethic concentrates more on techniques than on principles. These techniques basically deal with how to take care of themselves, such as, how to look good, how to dress in particular ways, how to create the right image, how to perform in social interactions and other positive mental attitude, skills to get people to behave in certain ways (Cleek & Leonard, 2008). In other words, the personality ethic focuses on how to ‘appear to be’ rather than how to ‘actually be’ (Bloodgood et al., 2008). Indeed, some personality techniques have real merits…...