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Character of the 21st Century

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Character of the 21st Century

The character of the 21st Century from a political, economic and social perspective would be chaotic. It should be appreciated that the world has gotten to a point of political, economic and social consciousness that puts pressure between the governed and the governors. From a social contract point of view, it is arguably correct to assert that the realisation of the social contract nobles would be effected. However, this process is expected to be chaotic, painful, and gruelling and time consuming. Three main reasons that give this realisation a chaotic character can be cited as inclusive of the following; a politically, economically and socially conscious society, a government system and power structure determined to retain the status quo and lastly a heightened application of information technology gains and innovation to the extent that mass media as a source of power control becomes inevitable. This paper would explain the three reasons and discuss comprehensively their position and role in the overall progress of the society.
The political, social and economic consciousness can be seen in the aggressive nature of the modern society. All over across the globe, citizens continue to show a renewed resilience and determination to realise their rights, freedoms and expectations from society. The concept of legitimate expectation from a legal point of view as been greatly heighted. Citizens have become more aggressive and ready to demand for their rights. Two cases can be used illustratively in this vein. Richard Falks in his analysis titled “Libya after Gadaffi” shows best the determination of the citizenry (Falk, 2011). The case serves to reflect the citizenry determination to realise the rule of law, democracy and legitimate expectation. Through the citizens’ rebellion of the Gadaffi...

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