Character Sketch of Nick

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Character sketch of Nick

Internal characteristics
Nick is a boy, who is about 10 years old and lives in 1923. The reason I think he is 10 years is the way Nick’s father is telling him what a labour is, and how painful it is, which a boy over 10 probably would know. Nick do also ask some questions at the end, for example “Is dying hard, daddy?” which is a very childish question.

He lives with his father and uncle George on an Indian camp. His father is a doctor and works at the camp. I don’t think that the Indian camp is their hometown, but they might live there because of the father’s job. Their social status is over middle class; because being a doctor in that time, was not something you just did, but a demanding job.

External characteristics
Nick is an insecure and naive boy, but he develops a lot through the story. In the course of the story he goes from just having a slight idea of what it is to die, to actually experience the results of human suicide. Also seeing a woman giving birth made him grow, and gave him knowledge.
In some respects he’s weak, for example when his father is going to put on some stitches on the woman, Nick don’t want to look. But on the other hand he’s strong. When the husband has committed suicide, it doesn’t seem to affect him that much, but that might also be because of the chock he gets.…...