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Character Traits of a Good Student

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There are many character traits of a good student. A few are: study habits, not procrastinating, and taking notes. If a student takes these traits and applies them to his student life they will benefit him and make him a good student. Good study habits are very important in a student’s life. There are a lot of ways a student can study. Making note cards or studying over class notes, taken during the week are very good ways to study for an upcoming test or quiz. Also studying away from the television, computer, cell phone, and other distracting things is a good way to study. Procrastinating is a very serious thing that every student should avoid to become a better student. Going ahead of time and getting assignments done is a good way to avoid procrastinating. Another way to avoided procrastinating is to start on your homework and studying as soon as you get home from school. Also taking advantage of study halls and other short breaks to get ahead on assignments is another great way to avoided procrastinating. Taking good notes is a very important thing to do to become a good student. Listening in class and writing notes off the board is a very good way to get good notes. Making sure your notebook is neat an ordered is another important thing to have done to be able to look back and understand what was said in class. Asking another student for notes missed on an absent day is a very good way to have great notes. If a student applies himself with these traits, they will help him become a better student. Every student should apply these things to his student life. Even though there are several traits that should be enforced, these are some very great traits that will make a good student.

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