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I believe character is the component of all pieces of one’s personality that affect others and the world in a positive way. Character should be free from selfishness, because if you are only maintaining what appears to be “good character” in the hopes of boosting your own goals, that is not really character at all. I believe that I possess a strong character that strives to improve the lives of those around me. The main pieces that make up my character are faith, courage, and the desire to improve the lives of others. I think that the main component that drives my character is my faith. My strong and firm beliefs are what motivate every action I take and every thought I have. My hope is that the faith and strong morals I hold form the foundation of my character, for my character would not exist without my faith. Through my beliefs I strive to be a person who is loyal, friendly, caring, and most importantly compassionate. Courage is also a strong component of my character. Courage is what drives me to be successful, to chase my dreams, and to make something of myself. Without courage and the boldness to step out of my comfort zone, none of my goals would be accomplished, and my life aims would be much lower. Character is not only looking good in the eyes of others, but pushing to be the best “you” possible. Courage helps me do this.
Finally, I believe to truly have good character, one must not be self-seeking. The most important aspect of my character is my desire to help those around me. I love serving others, and helping them through their valleys and struggles. I think that a person’s character shines the most when they are put in a situation where they can either help their peer, or walk on by. I try to be the person who goes out of my way to assist those around me.
Character is a word which is used in a variety of ways and forms. I hope that I possess a...

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