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Characteristic of Success Students

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Characteristics of a Successful College Students

Characteristics of a successful college student College, this is the stage where we students need to take studying seriously. This is where our future will depend, and everybody wants a better future that’s why we go to college. But college, as I have said needs to be taken seriously and taking it seriously means we need to improve a lot of things as a student. One of the things we need to improve is our characteristics as a college student. If we want to be a successful college student we must possess these following characteristics of a successful student. Base on what I have searched, a successful college student is good on time management skills. Learning to balance school, social life and extracurricular activities is one of the most important things to learn. A successful college student is hardworking and persistent. If we want to achieve our goals, we should really work hard and do our best but being persistent as the same time because there are cases that we worked hard and did our best but it is still not enough. It is easy to think that we are stupid and just give up but we must not. A successful student is an optimistic and motivated person. We are not failure and it happens to more people than we think, we just need to learn from our mistakes and try again. A successful college student set goals and is devoted to achieve them. Education is his/her absolute first priority and is focus on not only passing classes with the best grades but, to finish college in the fastest amount of time. Students who desire to thrive are always concerned about grades and exams and take pride in all of their work. A triumphant college student is willing to learn new things around him and is always hunger for knowledge. Being mindfulness and social awareness is very important. A successful student is always...

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