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Characteristics Of A Good Leader

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Who is a leader?
A leader can be many things. A person who is in control or leads a group of people or individuals. A good leader however has many different skills and qualities that make them a good leader. A wide set of skills. A wide set of virtues. A varying set of goals and the drive to lead others to get them done. In this world there are many good leaders. Throughout history there have been many leaders. Many good leaders are bound to pop up in future generations as well, but the current one that is definitely a good leader is my mom. She has many qualities that show she is good leaders. She’s kind, organized, determined, dedicated, and creative when it come to solving varying problems that …show more content…
She very organized which reduces any potential for overworking. Everything in our home is organized so things are easy to find and locate. It makes it so you dont have to waste time trying to track things down. Of course not everything is perfectly organized sometimes we do have to look for things but thats mainly because we forget where they were originally. Another example of this is she pays all of her bills and expenses on time. Preventing personal late fees and keeping a good amount of money each month in our budget. Money is very nice to have after all.

Determination is another thing that a good leader must have, and she’s got it. Even if things look hard she won’t back down. She’s determined to stick with the task at hand no matter what. I’ve seen examples of this quite a lot but the most notable was when she was looking after my grandmother. She had fallen ill recently and could have been sent away to a nursing home but my mother instead chose to move in with her to look after her. She had a recently born child as well and mysleg, but she did it anyways. She was determined to hold the entire load on her shoulders since no one else would do …show more content…
She is dedicated to her family and willing to do many things for them no matter what consequences can befal herself such as stress and various other things. Most would shy away from the burden and I honestly admit I am one of those people who would. Pushing herself to keep going was something she did well even if it wasn't exactly good for herself. It is one the qualities I respect her most for, and in all honesty I doubt I would be the only one if you witnessed

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