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Characteristics of Human Service Organizations

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Characteristics of a Human Services Organization
Jeniel Petrovich
University of Phoenix
October 24, 2011

The Harbor House of Central Florida is a local nonprofit organization that seeks to eradicate domestic violence through education and advocacy. They are the only state certified domestic violence center in Orange County, Florida. They provide a safe haven for survivors and promise a better future through educational programs and dedication (Harbor House, 2011). This paper will discuss this organization, as well as its vision and mission. The paper will also address how the organization is governed and staffed, their key stakeholders, and how they influence the organization. It will also discuss the community collaborations, marketing, and public relations strategies employed. Finally, the paper will discuss how Harbor House of Central Florida demonstrates the valuing of diversity, as well as the environmental trends they are facing and how they handle them.
The vision and mission of the Harbor House of Central Florida is to “eliminate domestic violence by providing safety, shelter, counseling, education, advocacy and justice (Harbor House, 2011)”. They do this through their five main programs; emergency shelter, children’s services, community outreach, legal advocacy services, and educating the community and professionals. They provide counseling services for the women and children who utilize their services every year. Understanding that cases of domestic violence can occur at any time, the Harbor House Legal Advocacy staff is authorized to grant injunctions 24 hours a day through their emergency hotline (Harbor House, 2011).
Harbor House of Central Florida is staffed with professionals that have educational backgrounds in human services. They also staff volunteers in their offices and shelters. Employees and volunteers are required to go...

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