Characteristics of Research Problems

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Characteristics of Research Problems
Kelvin D. Hodgest
Northcentral University
Dr. Eve Kaczmarek
EDU7002-8- Educational Research Methodology
1 November 2012

Characteristics of Research Problems
The need for research is imperative in the world of education, medicine, and technology. Without research the possibility of advancement becomes instantaneously impossible. It is important that definitive researchable problems are established, and that the problem which is in question can be used to address and ultimately improve existing problems in the chosen area of research. Thus, this paper will address what constitutes a researchable problem, what are the components of a well formed Statement of Research Problem, and what constitutes a reasonable theoretical framework for the need of the study?

A Researchable Problem
In the world of business, medicine, and education there is always room for research. This research helps create learning opportunities that either proves documented research, or it provides information that opposes documented research. Either way, the researchable problem should help improve the existing problem. The researchable problem should establish where and what kind of research that the writer is attempting to convey. This researchable problem should also recognize particular objectives that the research study is speaking about. The world relies on research to make improvements, so that advancements can continually be made in an ever improving society. As a result, when a researcher is conducting research, it is imperative that the researcher develops a researchable problem that supports the needs of improvement and advancement, and not just personal gain. If the research does not make advancements in the world’s knowledge, it is simply not research, but just…...