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Characteristics of Successful Online Learners

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Characteristics of Successful Online Learners

Todd Manley

Learning online offers the student flexibility and convenience of leaning at their own pace as well as on their own schedule. Meeting deadlines may depend on the learning style of the online student. There are several different learning styles to understand, including what may motivate the student to learn. By understanding the characteristics of the student and understanding what motivates the learner will help the student achieve great success as a online learner.

Online learning is most suitable for the learner who communicates well through writing and has good self discipline (Illinois Online Network, 2007). Learning styles are defined a a set of characteristics which make learning effective for a individual (Honisfeld & Dunn, 2006). By understanding the different learning styles this will help you excel as a online learner. Some of the different characteristics a online learner will display during their studies may vary from student to student. Visual learners will use images, pictures, or graphs in order to visualize the content they are learning. They are more likely to learn by making graphs or pictures or by reading and re-reading the content that is given to them. Visual learners also will excel when given constant updates on their progress. Tactual learners are more of the emotional learner. This learner may rely on friends or classmates to see how they feel about the task at hand. The tactual learner also works well on their own and has few problems meeting deadlines. Auditory learners listen well and communicate well with others. Listening to online lectures and presentations help the auditory learner excel. This learner will excel when studying in groups and participating in online forums and online study groups. The kinesthetic learner is known as the “doer” of the learners. Often times the kinesthetic learner will go above and beyond what is assigned to them such as extra course studies. This learner wants to be challenged.. These learners will start a project or task and not stop until it is completed. They will excel from reviewing the material and working out the solutions on their own. What motivates a student also is very important in the online learners success. Past experiences and the relevance to their lives and studies will play a big part in the motivation of a student. The student may ask themselves, “Is this important to me?” or “how will this relate to my studies?” These are all important to motivation for a online learner.

There are many different characteristics displayed by online learners, understanding each different characteristic and how they may benefit you will help you to succeed in your online classes. From my studies I have learned that I am mostly a visual learner but also display some characteristics of a kinestheic learner. Being a visual learner it is easy for me to learn by visualizing my studies, writing and sometimes re-writing. Often times reading materials several times in order to correctly visualize the task or assignment. I have also displayed a characteristic of kinesthetic learning, when starting a project or a paper I will almost always complete the as signment or task before moving on. This scholarly journal has compared very well to our other course materials, there are many similarities this author is trying to convey that align perfectly with our studies in the Breaking Ground course readings.

When applying what I have learned from reading about the characteristics of online learners, I have begun to understand myself a little better by knowing how students often retain information we are being taught. By learning about the characteristics of visual learners I have learned that I mostly understand the information that is given to me by forming pictures, and making graphs or flashcards to remember information. By being a Visual online learner I have learned that I can create my own environment with a study area with very few distractions, which would not be available in a classroom setting with many people and many distractions. Most importantly I have learned, and I did not know before this particular class is that I work well by myself and can succeed given the right tools and making the right decisions that impact my study time the most. .

Online learners can succeed by using the tools that have before them. By setting clear goals and making a schedule for yourself. You can then apply the characteristics for online learners that work best for you and you can succeed in any online classroom.
Timothy 1:7 For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.
In this scripture god tells us that he has supplied us with all the tools we need for life, and all the tools we need to survive in our daily lives and in educating ourselves. Go out and seize the day , be strong, love one another, and be well educated.

Honigsfeld, A., Dunn, R. (2006). Learning-style characteristics of adult learners. Delta Kappa
Gamma Bulletin, 72(2).
Illinois Online Network (2007). Retrieved on March
23, 2007

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