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Characterization of Benjamin

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Characterization Of Benjamin
At the start of the movie Benjamin seems worried, and somehow depressed. He is very introverted. This is seen in the scene where Benjamin is in his bedroom at the start of the movie.
He seems to be worried of almost everything he does. For example the first time he meets with Mrs Robinson at the hotels bar. He’s very cautious.
At the hotel room Mrs Robinson asks if its Ben’s “first time”. At this point Ben starts to change, and its made clear that he doesn’t want to become what everyone thinks he should become.
He wants to break away from what the people around are. This is indicated as he lies in the pool, and ignoring the people that are grilling. And he swims to the pool stairs. Going out of the pool and taking on his robe, and going back to Mrs Robinson. He starts to man up.
He still gets some disappointments, but he is doing everything he can do to man up. Even when Mrs Robinson is going to tell Elaine of their relationship, he runs before her to tell Elaine himself.
He ends as man in the movie, where he goes to the church where he fights a lot of the church guests and at the end get Elaine, and they drive away as a grownup man and woman.
The comment shows that he is from an upper class family, that only cares about how they look, onto others. If you don’t have success in life, with a good carrier you’re pretty much not worth anything in the eyes of the upper class.
Ben is saying that for the last four years of collage. He didn’t rely wanted to do what he did. He only did it because of what the norms of the upper class is telling him to do.
I think the comment is indicating that if you come from the upper class, you can pretty much do everything you want. Of course it all has consequences. But you can always run back to your rich family, who will forgive you if you just do what they say, and get a proper future...

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