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9 October 2012
Yellow Fever
Horrible sickness, awful violence, and sudden death are all experiences that no child should have to go through. However, these experiences can change a person’s character completely in a helpful way. The main character, Matilda Cook, in the book Fever, 1793 experiences all of these things as a teenager. This book follows her story of how she makes it through the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793, and how it changes her character and personality in a constructive way. This book was written by Laurie Halse Anderson and published by Simon & Schuster Books in 2000. Fever, 1793 is a horrifying, historical fiction book that is understood easily enough that anyone over the age of ten or eleven could read it, but the content can be graphic when scenes of sickness or death arise. Laurie Halse Anderson has also published popular books such as Speak and Wintergirls. The book Fever, 1793 is a powerful story of horrible sickness and death along with the transformation of a teenager into a mature, young adult.
Matilda lives in her family’s coffeehouse in Philadelphia with her mother, grandfather, a parrot, and a cat. Just like everyone else at the coffeehouse, Matilda must get up early and do her chores, but Matilda is your average teenager. No teenager enjoys getting up early, and Matilda is no exception.
I woke to the sound of a mosquito whining in my left ear and my mother screeching in the right. “Rouse yourself this instant!” Mother snapped open the shutters and heat poured into our bedchamber. The room above our coffeehouse was not large. Two beds, a washstand, and a wooden trunk with frayed leather straps nearly filled it. It seemed even smaller with Mother storming around…I groaned. Mother had been a perfect girl. Her family was wealthy then, but that didn’t stop her from stitching…...