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Charles Luciano, Luciano's Life On Organized Crime

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Charles Luciano ended many innocent, helpless peoples miserable lives, mainly when they didn’t pay him for the drugs he dealed. Charles Luciano permanently changed the way organized crime worked,due to the fact that mobs are run the way they are, even his legacy is alive to this day. Even his mob is alive today, but it has been run by many others. Charles “Lucky” Luciano, one of the greatest mobsters in organized crime, known for bootlegging and heading up one of the “five families” would eventually fall, but his legacy would live on forever. Charles Luciano struggled in school, which led him to dropping out to start a life on the streets. During Charles’ teen years, he struggled a very much in school, which led to him dropping out to baby a life on the streets. Another advantage he had on the streets, was he could make easy money from offering protection to jewish kids for a few cents a week, but if they didn't pay him,they would be liable to get a beat down from him. Yet another reason for him to drop out was his criminal career was more easily managed without the distraction of school. After dropping out of high school, Charles could more easily manage a criminal career, after doing this, he was able to start a life as a mobster, and for the moment, he …show more content…
Masseria, one of the two top mob bosses, put a hit out on Luciano when he discovered he was trying to get into a higher position. Luciano survived this attack and was able to put out another hit on Masseria, which happened to be successful. This was when Maranzo, the other mob boss, praised by Maranzo, which is why Luciano was promoted to take Masseria’s position. After taking out Masseria, Luciano was in a good position, he was praised for his actions, and he was promoted to take his

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