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Charles Martin in Uganda V2.1

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Case study
Charles Martin in Uganda


I. Case Background 3 II. Statement of the Problem 4 III. Alternatives 5 IV. Recommended Solution 6 V. Answers to the case questions …..6-8 VI. Learnings 8

I. Case Background

Hydro Generation (HG) is a U.S. based company that specializes in power plant. It has built power plants in 16 countries where they maintained an ownership in about half of them. The company has targeted a construction of large dam in Uganda Africa. HG put Charles Martin in this project to facilitate the preliminary construction and in case up to the construction phase to get an operating structure and facility start-up activities that includes obtaining licenses, installing telephones and utilities and securing the initial staff that would hire the full range of local personnel. But Vice president James Green pondered whether to continue employing Martin for the construction phase of the project. In particular, Green was concerned about Martin’s lifestyle, some of his business practices, and his participation in Ugandan tribal rituals. Green worried that Martin’s practices were counter to both HG’s corporate culture and methods of operating elsewhere, that some of his actions bordered on the unethical, and that some might be illegal under U.S. law.

Characters in the case

Lawrence Lovell * HG’s founder and CEO * A devout Christian and very influential in shaping the company’s management culture * Believed that business activities should embody strong Christian values and that subordinates should be given full responsibility in making and implementing decisions but they should be held accountable for their results.

James Green * HG’s vice president * Concerned about business practices and lifestyle

Charles Martin * 26 yrs. old * Knowledgeable in developmental issue wherein he was...

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