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Checkpoint: Jet Blue

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Problems at Jet Blue

Jet Blue was the answer to the airline industries problems. It was a private company that provided an option to larger airlines that were very impersonal. During Jet Blue’s introduction to the world, a small managerial issue was left out, how does Jet Blue handle the same problems that the larger airlines have? Early success let Jet Blue believe that they were untouchable and immune to the problems of the larger airlines; however, not planning for problems, does not mean they won’t show up. Jet Blue did everything “right” to make sure that they were better than the larger airlines, but management only looked at how they could be better and did not focus on the standard problems that both themselves and the larger airlines face. Had the management looked forward toward possibilities of problems instead of trying to be better, they would have seen that all airlines face the same issues hen it comes to weather. Technology is in place to handle any problems that are related to weather and had Jet Blue management looked at every situation they may have faced and put technology in place to help handle it, then Jet Blue would not have had such a problem. Looking at any situation after the fact is always going to be easy to access the situation. I would have tried to find which situations would cause us the most problems, before they happened. I understand that offering amenities and smaller planes does make jet Blue better, but when air flights are dictated by weather, then Jet Blue should have focused on better technology to handle cancellations and set forth a plan to direct its customers to a safe and sufficient…...

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