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Checkpoint Week8 Business Ethics and Globalization

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Business Ethics and Globalization

Business globalization can be both exciting and challenging. One must study the country and its culture to better understand what is expected from the manager. In our textbook it says that learning the country’s customs and language is an important step to being able to better communicate with the local business people. I think that learning the language is a good way to show the people you are going to be working with that you are serious about what you are trying to accomplish. Learning about the customs will help you to understand better the people you are working with. This will also help you to try not to make any offending gestures or remarks.
Some ethical issues from globalization are workplace conditions, workers rights and respect for local customs and cultures. A manager coming from America is most likely to be offended when they see how some people have to work. As Americans we are used to working conditions that are favorable and geared to the employee’s comfort. In other countries this is not the case. The workers in other countries are not always protected by their civil rights, and may not even know what civil rights are. This is where local customs and culture come in. It is better for a manager to study the customs and culture of the country they are going to be living in so they are not surprised or caught off guard. This also includes the spouse and family of the manager. If the spouse and family are educated on the county and their customs and culture, it makes for a smoother…...

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