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Cheese and Crackers

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Three Well-Thought-Out Paper Ideas

1. How did cocaine become so popular in America as well as its direct effect to brain function?

Cocaine has been a major drug in the United States since the mid 1970s and it has gotten even popular this day in age. I’ve always been curious to as why cocaine addicts are addicted to cocaine. Why can’t they just stop? Why do they start in the first place? No one just wakes up in the morning and says, “I’m going to be a cocaine addict today.” I want to see the affects cocaine has on the brain that make this drug such a popular and dependable stimulant. In my research paper I will answer these questions and go in depth with what cocaine does to the brain as well as the history of cocaine abuse in the United States. I will show examples of cocaine use as well as the health hazards associated with this stimulate and what exactly happens in the brain with these individuals.

2. Schizophrenia such a dangerous/critical mental illness for the lives of children?

Schizophrenia has always been a major topic when talking about psychological/mental illnesses. I’ve always been curious in learning about Schizophrenia and how someone starts showing the symptoms for this particular illness. I took a psychology course in high school and we went into depth with Schizophrenia so I am pretty aware of this situation. In my research paper I will explain and go into depth with what exactly schizophrenia really is and how it has directly effected the lives of over a million children. I will talk about the common age this illness is most relevant as well as signs and symptoms children can receive. I will also incorporate examples of children with schizophrenia as well as how this disease affects the brain. The brain aspect I will go in depth with how this could be treated and what drugs could make this disease less harmful to the body and mind.

3. Why do we Dream?
I have always been curious with the fact that humans dream. How exactly do we dream? Why can’t we remember our dreams when we wake up? All these questions have been boggling my mind. The brain is a secretive ball that help us with day to day activities. Researchers have been puzzled by the many features of how and why the brain works the way it does. Scientists have been performing sleep and dream studies for decades and I want to learn more about dreams and the psychology behind it. In my research paper I will show statistics of dreams being remembered as well as the different sleep disorders that effect dreams. I will also go through the science behind REM and the different stages of sleep. I also want to show an example of different people going through tests to show when they are at REM sleep. This topic is very relevant become everyone sleeps and everyone dreams but not everyone remembers what they dream and why.

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