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Chemical Imbalance

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Chemical Imbalance.

It was a warm sunny summer day. James walked smiling down the street but slightly nervous as he was running a little late for an encounter with his blind date Rose, which he had looked forward to with anticipation. He had been set up by his good friends to go on a blind date. They thought it was about time, that he came back on the market after the breakup with his girlfriend, which he had been in a long-term relationship with. He wanted to look as good as possible, of course, as he wanted to make a good impression on his blind date, who he had been told was a very beautiful woman. Therefore, he was wearing his favorite light yellow short-sleeved button up shirt tucked down his shorts and sneakers. He had also shaved himself and put on his Old Spice aftershave like his father always had used.
They had decided to meet at a small contemporary café downtown over lunch. When he came inside, he spotted her instantly at the table near the window. Her beautiful features enlightened the whole room, and it was hard not to overlook them. They instantly caught each other’s eyes and she waved him over. The first thing she thought when she saw him was “Oh my God, what am I doing on a blind date with this guy. He is not at all what I expected.” After a few thoughts, she decided that she would give him a chance, as there might would be more to him than she could tell by the first glance and she had promised her friends to give him a chance no matter what. He was not the type of guy that normally would capture her attention at first sight in a crowd. Her friends had set her up with James, as they thought it would be a good idea for Rose to meet a nice steady guy, who was ready to get married and have children. She had the age and was ready to go all in for a relationship with further commitments as her career was going in the right direction etc.
They introduced themselves to each other, by shaking hands politely. She could feel his lukewarm and the moist of sweat from the palm of his hand when they shook hands. She wiped discretely his sweat away. After they had introduced themselves, he noticed her inviting and casual personality, and felt an immediate connection with her, and from that, he knew deep inside that it would turn out to be the most amazing blind date ever. Afterwards he just couldn´t stop staring at her.
They sat down, and the waiter came across to the table and handed them the menu. Rose had been at the café before, and she knew exactly what she wanted to order. James on the other hand was undecidable and had loads of questions about the different dishes, whether there was this or that in them.
Rose kept her best poker face on, and tried to help him figuring out what he could eat from the menu, even though she was irritated that he could not decide what he wanted to order.
James was taken away by her helpfulness as he was used to people normally would get a little annoyed with him. “I’m so glad I went on this blind date. She is such a polite and understanding woman. I don’t think I have met a woman like her for such a long time,” he thought smiling to himself. While they waited for their food to arrive at their table, James started staring at her with ‘love’ in his eyes and a smile.
James made his moves by showering her with compliments, a little too much. From her hair to her bag. The kind that made Rose awkward. She was a laid-back girl and wasn´t into the idea of clichéd romances. She was the real deal. He commented on everything. “Thanks“, she said. She had to change the topic. Rose began asking him questions about his hobbies and interests. They chit chatted a little before their food and drinks arrived at the table.

He got a soup for lunch and a tiny beer to go with it. James was hunched over his plate gobbling and slurping his soup as if he hadn´t been eating for days. A basket of bread was set on the table before the food arrived at the table and he managed to shuffle down most of the bread except for a tiny slice of bread. As classy and sophisticated Rose was she got a glass of white wine and Caesar salad. As she did not want any bread, James launched his arm out to grab the last piece of bread and managed to knock her glass of water, that she had order along with the wine. The accident got her skirt all wet, and all she could think was to get out of there. She finished her lunch as fast as possible, and made an excuse about leaving a bit earlier than anticipated, as she had a meeting later that, and had to get some dry clothes on. When it was time to pay the bill, James freaked out and apologized to Rose several times, as he had forgotten his credit card at home, and only had a few pounds in his wallet, so he also asked her if it was all right if she paid for her own lunch.
James was embarrassed that he had to ask Rose to pay for her own food, even though what she had ordered was quite expensive. However, the worst-case scenario was when he accidently knocked that glass of water all over Rose.
They said goodbye and wandered out in separate directions. Rose doubted that they would ever meet again, while James felt very confident, and was sure they would go out again sometime in the future.

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