Chemical Oxygen Demand Fluctuations Studies on Some Points Disposal in North Wenang Village and South Wenang Village Into the Bay of Manado

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Mustika Kelana Tarigan/99 053 188

Mustika Kelana Tarigan. 99 053 188. Chemical Oxygen Demand Fluctuations Studies On Some Points Disposal in North Wenang Village and South Wenang Village into the Bay of Manado. Under the direction of Ir. James J.H. Paulus, M. Si and Sandra O. Tilaar, S.Pi., M.Sc.

All of organisms need oxygen no exception organisms that live in the water. Aquatic life like fish, get the oxygen in the form of dissolved oxygen. In the absence of dissolved oxygen at certain levels many kinds of aquatic organisms will not survive in the water. Many aquatic organisms can not survive even be dead in an already polluted waters is not caused by contaminants toxicity directly, but can occur due to lack of oxygen because oxygen is used in the process of destruction of contaminants, both biological and chemical reactions.
Bay of Manado is the waters that interact with the activities on the mainland, where all the waste from the mainland, both originating from urban settlements as well as those sourced from the industrial area of trade, restaurants and hotels will go into drainage channels and brought to shore. Waste in coastal waters and marine ecosystems will dissolve in water, there is a sink to the bottom and are concentrated into sediment. Waste materials in the aquatic environment will decompose through oxidation reactions, in which oxygen is required in this process. Oxygen demand in the waters, to determine how far the level of environmental pollution has occurred, one way to be taken for that purpose is to do a Test Chemical oxygen demand (COD).…...

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