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Trees are an important part of every community. Trees increase our quality of life by bringing natural elements and wildlife habitats into urban settings. Many neighborhoods are also the home of old trees that serve as historic landmarks. The tree observations goal is to help people maintain the health of their community and their state’s trees and forest.

Trees have supported and sustained life throughout our existence. Different species display an endless variety of shapes and forms. In this experiment I had tested the ability to present information about factors affecting the health and measurements of trees.

I used a Biltmore stick to measure the diameter (DBH) of the tree. I also had to find an area with at least twenty trees for measurements, recorded the information I obtain on a tree observation sheet.

Biltmore stick, tree observation sheets, an area with twenty trees, pencil

The species of trees was from a neighborhood called Green Acres. Measurements taken at the site; shown that Maple/Boxelder trees in the site was identified as a more common species in the area and illustrated in good health with minor problems. For the other selected trees, no significant difference in circumference was found between all other trees because of the weather.

Overall the best time to measure trees is between June and September other observations can be made anytime during the year. Individual trees vary their appearance throughout the course of the year as the seasons change. The strength and long lifespan of trees give them a good quality. People and organizations across the country go to great lengths to protect and save trees from danger such as from modern developments and thousands of household items.

The purpose of this experiment was…...