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Chemistry Review

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1. 5 points of the particle theory: * 1. All matter is made up of tiny particle with empty spaces between them * 2. Different substances are made up of different particles * 3. Particle are always in constant random motion * 4. Particles of a substance move faster as the temperature increases * 5. Particles attract each other

2. Changing state from solid to liquid to gas: * form a solid when the forces are strong enough to form a rigid shape * they gain energy when heated and begin to move faster, when they can no longer hold each other, this forms the liquid state * if they are continued to be heated the particles literally fly apart

3. The difference between pure substances and mixtures: * pure substance: contains only one type of particle * element: a pure substance that can not be broken down into a simpler chemical substance by any physical or chemical means * compound: a pure substance composed of 2 or more different elements that are chemically joined * mixture: contains 2 or more types of particles * mechanical mixture: a mixture in which you can distinguish between different types of matter * solution: a uniform mixture of 2 or more substances

4. Difference between quantitative and qualitative properties: * quantitative property: a property of a substance that is measured and has a numerical value, such as temperature, heat and mass * qualitative property: a property of a substance that is not measured and does not have a numerical value such as colour, odour and texture

5. Physical properties vs. chemical properties: * physical property: a characteristic of a substance that can be determined without changing the composition of that substance * chemical property: a characteristic of a substance that is determined when the composition of the substance is...

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