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Chern Case

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Narrative Essay #1
What I want to say is I have a hard time understanding and remembering anything. It’s something that I have always struggled with, and have yet to figure out why my mind wanders. I find myself writing, even when I was younger and I would feel completely uninspired, yet I had so many ideas in my head. The voice I am adopting in this essay is a voice of encouragement, for anyone with this same problem, and myself, in hopes that I can one day be able to finish writing these stories that are in my head.
When I was younger I dreamed of being a writer, not being rich or famous from it, but being able to write young adult novels that were at least mildly popular. I use to write the beginning of my stories, get part way into it, and be uninspired to write it, mainly because when I wrote what I wanted, I would forget about it. I want to write these stories, but I lack the discipline to actually do it. In a deeper desire, I wish to write about what is going on in my mind that never seems to stop. I’m always daydreaming about these characters in my mind, some of which I’ve had for twelve years or so. A fear of mine is it becoming a bit of a joke, my writing, because I also lack a big vocabulary to make my writing stand out a bit more.
I have always felt that I have the mind of someone who would love English classes, and always felt that I would do better in English classes than any other class, but I still have weak points in my writing. I can work my way through some of my writing, but with many, many writing blocks. I have written the same stories over twenty times, and can’t seem to find a setting that makes me want to continue writing it.
My point being is I have a lack of inspiration and mental discipline to actually write something worth reading. I have had...

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