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Child Advocacy Letter

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Barbara Boxer
Senator of California
112 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-3553 Dear Barbara Boxer,
There have been bills (Bill 277) passed that parents need to vaccinate their children in order for them to be able to attend public schools. These types of laws have been passed before but this particular bill closes California’s vaccine exemption loophole. There are many that argue that vaccines contain mercury or that mercury can cause autism, these claims are said to not have any convincing evidence of harm caused by the low doses of thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines. But there are other harmful ingredients in vaccines such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, human/animal serum albumin, sorbitol, gelatin, sodium chloride, egg protein, phenoxyethanol, aluminum phosphate, MSG, etc. These ingredients can cause disorders, brain damage, they poses risks of infection from synthetic growth hormones, BSE infectivity, low blood pressure, arthritis and lumps, shortness of breath, chest pain, skin reactions, they can be highly toxic for; nervous systems, kidneys, and the liver, etc. In an article I read it states myths and facts of how vaccines don’t cause autism but the article doesn’t state the other harmful side effects/ ingredients that vaccines contain. In this particular article “Vaccines & Senate Bill 227: Fact vs. Myth” it states that this bill being passed will not force parents to vaccinate their children, but where does that leave a taxpaying parent to take their children if they are not allowed to take their children to attend school. It forces parents into a corner, if parents do not vaccinate their children, they are not allowed in public schools. In turn, forcing parents to vaccinate their children so they can attend these schools. This is a violation of freedom of choice. We the taxpayers have a right to...

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