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Makeea S. Patterson
Workshop Three - 3.5 Dropbox
Child Development Paper
7 July 2015
Human Behavior/Social Environment (SWK-342-01A)
Indiana Wesleyan University
Instructor Beth Griffin

The child I chose to observe was 12 year old girl named Kimeko, of African-American background. This observation took place in her home, on a Friday evening, between the hours of 4PM-6PM. As this was my first observation experience, I was somewhat apprehensive about how Kimeko might react about me watching her. And although her mother had consented about the observation, Kimeko was not aware that my sole purpose for being there on that particular day at that time was to observe her; it is this scenario that made me uncomfortable. I was particularly concerned about the ethical issues of not informing Kimeko about the observation. One element of ethical practice is to make sure that people’s rights are not violated. Social workers must put children’s needs first, and respect their human rights, including rights to privacy and family life.
I chose to observe Kimeko because of our similarities. I felt that the fact that we both belong to the same ethnic group would make this experience more relatable. I also felt that the established relationship would make this task more comfortable for the both of us. There were other experiences that were common between the two of us as well. She, much like me was predominantly raised by a single mother for most of her life. We parallel each other in that both of our mothers entered into emotionally unstable/unhealthy relationships during a very difficult time during childhood development. Kimeko is the second oldest of her mother’s children. However, within her household she is the oldest child, another similarity between the 2 of us. Kimeko and her siblings all have different fathers, and her younger siblings father is actually in the…...