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Hearing in Infants Ages Birth to 12 Months: Child Growth and Development
Tamesha Robinson
Collin College

Child Growth and Development TECA 1354 Professor Susy A Mathews
Associate Faculty Office SCC B-103 or Child Development Lab School Spring Creek Campus

Development of Hearing in the Womb
Infants sense of hearing under goes most of its development in the womb (Baby center) states that a baby’s inner ear fully develops by the 20th week of pregnancy. The ability to hear is fully developed at birth. While in the womb, babies can hear your heart beat, your stomach grumbling and the blood moving through the umbilical cord. Babies are even startled by loud noises. The results suggest newborns will gravitate toward and pay more attention to what may be “their mothers melodic sounds than those of other women, and will pay more attention to other similar sounds like female voices in general, than they will to even less similar sounds, like male voices.
The findings add to evidence suggesting that prenatal hearing can help infants perceive the sounds of speech. It was long know that newborns can discriminate or perceive most of the acoustic properties of speech. The theoretical view is that these capacities are mostly independent of previous auditory experience and that newborns have a bias or skill for perceiving speech. Scientist believe the newborns capacity to perceive speech is physiologically “built in’ during development of the auditory system.
A study in Proceeding of the National Academy of Science reinforce what many people have believed babies hear what their moms say and their brains recognize these words after birth. What unborn babies hear can shape their brain. Infants in the womb can hear with little or no…...