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This essay will focus attachment and a definition will be offered. For this essay my research will be based on different types of attachment and experiment used and the effects of maternal deprivation socially and emotionally. I will explain and evaluate different experiment and discuss my finding in conclusion.

Attachment is a strong, long lasting emotional tie or bond to a particular individual (Haralambos et al, 2000). Attachment in infancy have some characteristics which include: seeking proximity i.e. wanting to be near each other, seeking anxiety – a mutual feeling of upset if separated and pleasure when reunited. General orientation towards the primary care giver – the infant is always aware of the attachment figure and seek reassurance that they are there (Brody &Dwyer, 2002). These attachments behaviours can also be seen in older people who have an attachment. Adults have more sophisticated ways of maintaining proximity such as sending text messages and the underlying need to stay in touch is still the same. Attachments are formed in human and in many species of animals such as sheep and ducks, attachments are formed rapidly soon after birth. This process was first investigated by Konrad Lorenz. In his observation of animals, Lorenz noticed the tendency for new born, orphaned animals to form an attachment to any animal that happened to be present and to follow it as if it were their real mother. This can often be seen on farms where orphaned lambs will attach themselves to the person who bottle feeds them and follow them happily around until they are very large sheep. Lorenz called this formation of rapid attachment imprinting (Bailey et al, 2008).

The biologically programmed innate behaviour of imprinted geese occurs only during critical period soon after birth. Researchers refer to a sensitive period when attachment occurs most easily, but it is…...