Child Observation

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David Lockett
CD 101 – FH
Professor Janvier Jones, M.S.
March 4, 2016

Observation: Birth – 18 Months

The Child observed here is called JD. At the time of the observation the child was 15 months old. The observation began at 3p.m. on February 21, 2016. The child was at his place of residence with his mother, aunt, and his two sisters’ ages 9 and 12.
As a playroom, the children of the home uses the family room because that is where all the toys are along with the laptops and learning aids for the older children. The beginning of the observation started with JD standing inside of the toy chest with nothing inside but his basketball. There were several toys on the floor near JD. The toys consisted of several trucks, a VTech alphabet activity cube, and a VTech Turn and Learn Driver.
The VTech Turn and Learn Driver was sitting on a stand directly in front of the toy chest which JD was standing inside of. JD had his left hand on the steering wheel turning the wheel left and right and with his right hand he was hitting center of the wheel making it go “beep, beep”. As the toy produced the beep, beep sounds, JD would imitate them saying “beep, beep also. At different times between the simulated driving, JD would press different buttons on the console of the toy and imitate those sounds also. JD looked up several times at his mother and smiled only to repeat the process again and again. This went on for approximately 15 minutes. JD would eventually press a button that played musical sounds, which caused JD to throw both of his hands up and bob his head up and down while he moved the top of his body from side to side. Everyone in the room was saying, “go JD, go JD” and JD started laughing.
During the physical movements of JD’s upper body, the toy chest toppled over and JD fell out of the chest along with his basketball. The basketball…...