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Analyze a Sociological Issue


Analyze a Sociological Issue
Over the last nine weeks this course has taught me about different social problems that our society live in, but tries to cover it up by pushing it under a rug. Although I know our society has issues, I just didn’t think of them in this way since starting class and doing the research we’ve done, have taught me so much. Many of society issues are social inequality, poverty, urbanization, discrimination against race, and culture. When learning about these issues, I’ve decided to do my paper on Poverty and Children in the United States. Poverty within the United States has become a major issue that affects our society and at hand families with children are coming face to face with this issue every day of their life. Poverty has become a major issue in our society today due to the result of our economy and the decision that one makes in life. And sad to say when the economy is always on the defense at failing, the children of our society have to pay a high price. There’s many reason and factors that can be related to one’s poverty. Some factors that can take place to which can place a child at poverty could be, single parent, unemployment, homelessness, abuse, or mother having more kids she can take care of. Over time history shows that poverty in the United States has raised a great deal. Many of us can’t even imagine how it feel to live in poverty, even if it’s looking us right in our eyes, we still try not to picture ourselves in that place. Poverty means can range from so much, and not just from not having enough money. Poverty truly mean not having enough of everything you need in order to take care of your household, money, and food is the main source. Not being able to having enough food in your house means that you and your kids will go hungry at least twice a month are more than that. And the only meal some kids may receive will come from school, are someone else feeding them. This become an everyday struggle, not only for the children, but for the enter household. Many people are treated different because they come from poverty, even if they are trying to do better people still treat them unfair. The rise of children living in poverty has played a major role not only in the home but within the school setting as well. Children poverty within our society is grown faster than we know it, every day there are nearly 2,660 children been born into poverty. Many of our children are going hungry because there parent is unable to provide food for them. Studies shows that nearly 50% of all children and nearly 80% of African American children depends on services such as food stamps and WIC at some point in their lives. These two programs help offer food for families that can’t supply food for their families. WIC help new mothers supply milk for their new born. As we learn and do reach search we will find it hard to believe that many of the children here in the United States do go without food since there are programs out here to help them. When talking about children going hungry, and living in poverty, the first thing one would think of is the children in other countries, since they are the only ones we see on TV, but there are many children here in the United State that goes without food, and not known where there next meal will come from. Studies shows that nearly 36% of the children are living below or right at the poverty line, and every day a child dies from living in poverty. Just with studying and reach searching there are many cause to poverty. Low income plays a major role in this, if one have little or no income this cause a string on them and leaving them unable to provide for their families. Single parent homes is another factor, many single mothers work low pay jobs because they have very little education, or no education at all. As well poverty can be just simply from one having more children than they can take care of. I’ve seen this at hands to many times. Young ladies having three to five babies, and are not able to provide them with the things they need in life. I’ve also seen many families that receive aid from the government abuse there aid, and instead of providing food for their children they do other things with it. Other studies shows that not only does poverty affect a children physically, but it affects them mentally as well, it also affect their education. For many students that grows up in poverty feel that by a certain age they should drop out of school and get a job in order for them to have some type of income. And all these factors can have a long term effect on someone life, if they don’t have a good support group. If we as Americans stop looking at our nation as the riches place to be, and start seeing it for what it is, then one can gain understanding. Many people feel that just because they live here in the United States that it is rich and yes this is the richest nation, but even though it is there are many people still living below or right at the poverty line. Many still live with an everyday struggle with having more than enough to provide for their families. And as we see it poverty is becoming more visible for us to see, for example for when we see someone on the street with a sign asking for money or food, or on TV when they are doing food drives for the children in other countries. But what one forget poverty can have many sides to it. Poverty can even leave one feeling powerless, and that even though they are in the land of freedom, that they are not free because of not being able to do what they need to do in order to take care of their families. And although many people have had the chance to leave poverty, there are still many others that cannot because they don’t have a support group to help them stop this life cycle. Because this life cycle can be stop, just because someone is brought up in poverty doesn’t mean they have to continue to leave in it when they become grow. But if we as people don’t start doing something to help ourselves then they will continue to be in poverty. One most want help, and want to stop this cycle, for way to many times I’ve seen young ladies following the some cycle as their mother, and instead of their mother trying to teach them better they just allow their daughter to have babies after babies just in order to receive aid from the government. Sad to say, I see this in the area I live in. because with poverty it comes along with side effects, many time you see young girls having babies and yet they don’t have the proper income to take care of these babies, as well they may not even have the proper amount of food to eat while they are carrying the baby, which can lead their unborn child to malnutrition and low birth weight. It also can cause children to be effect and victims to illness that is brought on by malnutrition, such as poor growth rate, decrease organ function, the list can go on and on. Truly this is and will stay a major issue if people don’t get a grip on life. And stop having a small mind and thinking that the government will always be there to hand them aid, because if this last little shout didn’t show them that at any giving time they can cut off certain areas of government then it’s sad to say we will continue to see so many babies being born into poverty and they will follow the same life cycle of their mother, if there’s no one there to show them different. That’s why it’s important that parents teach their children different from what they done in life, and if that child don’t have that support system at home, then I feel that as a teacher I if I notice anything I should step in and show this child a different way in life. But first off people have to change their mind frame, and change the way they see themselves and if they look at those children faces that they are bring into this world, then they should want to do better, and want better for their children. Even if they come from a long line of poverty in their family, they should say to themselves I want better, if not for themselves at least for their children. I believe that poverty can slow down and even stop, if more people get invalid in helping others that they may know that is struggling with poverty, you don’t have to give money, but just giving them understanding in how to change their situation is this best thing, we can show them how to go back to school and gain an education, as well if more jobs come here in the United States and stay, this will truly help may families that lives in poverty due to unemployment. With more jobs here not only will they be able to work and take care of their families they will be able to provide their family with things they need such as food, a home, clothes, and proper health care. With poverty being a major effect on our society, as the result the children are being greatly affect the most. And even though we can blame and point fingers at each other, it sad to say we will continue to allow this, because everyone is set up to worry about no one but themselves. So we have to learn how to step out of ourselves and learn how to lead a helping hand to people we may see or run across that need our help in life. I’ve learned throughout my life that no matter what it may look or what it may seems, just being able to help someone with showing them a different way in life, is the best thing you can give a person. We don’t have to walk around handing out money, but just by being able to take a family in need some groceries can make a big difference in their life.
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