Child Psychology Observation Paper

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Have you ever wondered how a child thinks? What goes on inside a child’s brain, what do they think as they play with a new toy for the first time, or learn how to do something new like riding a bike. Children are complex and normally learn at a very quick pace, their brains are like an absorbable sponge during the early years of their young lives. Children may learn on their own, or learn from observing others actions. Although I am not longer considered a child, I plan on turning back time and observe children’s actions to try to learn about how children think, learn and play, whether it is on their own or with other children. By the end of this, I would like to be able, and others who read this to be able to have an idea of how children act when they are influenced by others, and how they act on their own.
I will begin by explaining the children I have observed and the area of development I decided to focus on. Instead of only choosing one child to observe, I was lucky enough to know someone that has three children of all the same age to observe. At the age of 14, my good friend Shelby Nastase became a proud sister of triplet brothers, two of the boys are identical, Jake and Andrew, and one is fraternal, Alec. The boys are now at the age of six, each with their own vibrant personalities. Although all boys look very much alike, especially the twins, each has their own mind and personality that would defiantly make them their own individual.
During my observations, I quickly decided that my point of interest in writing this paper would be to focus on the social behaviors between all three of the children. I not only decided on observing how the siblings interact with each other, but I also decided it would be a good idea to see how they interacted with other children their own age. I also decided that when I observed the siblings when they were…...