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Child Soldiers Research Paper

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Imagine, a small child, born and raised in a country of conflict, holding a fully automatic rifle, ready to fight in war, this is a picture of a child soldier. The media does not show you the real news of innocent children fighting for their lives to survive and elude the conflict for a better life and future. The silence of the people continues to support the serious issue, passively letting it happen to vulnerable children who are in need of care and help. Children are forced by their leaders/commanders to do the unimaginable such as killing innocent civilians, other children, and even their families, scarring them for life. These young soldiers are deprived from a normal childhood and education as most children have in today's society. Many …show more content…
Many of these little soldiers fight in countries in Africa and the Middle East due to conflict and corrupt governments. Not only are they forced to fight in war, but they are also given harsh treatment and training. The lieutenants of the children uses techniques to brainwash them and turn them into soldiers, all of them which are very disturbing. Children are given tons of drugs to power them through their duties without recognition or emotional feelings of their actions. Children snort “brown-brown,” which is a mixture of cocaine and gunpowder and smoke marijuana along with taking “white energy pills,” and watching violent movies such as, “Rambo” (Beah, Chapter 14). The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) snatches boys from their families and forces them to kill their “unbeliever” parents with the consequence of breaking their legs if they refuse to do so (Wyke, Daily Mail). As brutal as it sounds, it changes the children and persuades them to liking the …show more content…
The act of fighting in war at such a young age destroys a child’s life, relinquishing their innocence for something they are forced to do. They are brainwashed into becoming merciless killing machines and abuse drugs like cocaine to cope with the pain. Children inevitably go through physical abuse and pain if they do not listen to orders and even for no reason, leading to suicide for most or having to miserably get through days of horrific torture. There are many catastrophe’s visible in child soldiers, although mental illness is a hidden emotional pain that unfortunately scars them for life because of the traumatic encounters that these innocent children forcibly live with. “War violates every right of a child; the right to life, the right to be with family and nurtured and respected” (Grace Machel, United Nations,

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