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The goal of the Child Support Program is to combine these federal and state responsibilities and activities into an efficient machine that provides seven basic products: locating the absent parent, establishing paternity, establishing child support orders, reviewing and modifying orders, collecting and distributing support, promoting medical support, and enforcing child support across state lines. Each of these services deserves extensive discussion. Congress took additional action to improve paternity establishment in the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993. The Family Support Act require states to review guidelines at least once every four years and have procedures for review and adjustments of orders, consistent with a plan indicating how and when child support orders are to be reviewed and adjusted. On October 16, 1985, The Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) published regulations amending previous regulations and implementing section sixteen of public law 98-378. The 1975 Child Support require states to cooperate with other states in establishing paternity, locating absent parents, and securing compliance with court orders.

The Alabama Child Support Enforcement Program (ACSEP) is a federal state and local partnership designed to get your child the financial and medical support he or she deserves. The program can assist in paternity establishment, location of parent, obtaining an order for child support, enforcement and collection of support. The ACSEP goals are to ensure that children have the financial support of both parents, to foster responsible behavior towards children and to reduce welfare cost. New laws and enforcement tools each year give the state a better chance of collecting money. Services are available to all parents who need them. Child support in every state in the United States has a program to help families pay,...

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