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Childhood Fears

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Childhood fears have always haunted our minds as kids. From the more classical boogie man in the closet, to the more present day Hollywood horror movies. My childhood fear at the time unfortunately was scary movies, heights, and being afraid of the dark. As a young child, mainly around the age of 4 to 7 years old, screams and loud stressful noises wasn’t generally my favorite amusement. I rather settle my small completive mind to action figures and video games than being scared so bad I would piss me pants. Everyday my older sisters would come home from high school, mouths over whelmed with gossip and in a not so gentle mood, would snatch the remote from my hand as if my age held no authority to them. Young and very much helpless, I sat aside curious to what sixteen year old drama queens particularly watch. My oldest sister Melissa, channel surfs and stops on a dreadful theme song followed, by the title of the show in greenish texture. I remained seated wondering what would happen next. The show started off normal and eventually became more clear and horrifying. Having watched the show, sleeping wasn’t so easy, but as months pasted, I conquered my fear of horror films and progressed on. Growing up at the age of 8 had its own fashionable trend, when it came to who was your favorite super hero. In my custom made all blue pajamas and a red towel tied around my neck, I’d extended my arms and ran through the house with not a care in the world. Paranoid at the motor boat sounds I repeatedly kept making, my mother kindly escorted me to the backyard. I slowly observe the back yard looking for what superman would be more or less interested in doing. And there it was an oak tree right at the far left of the yard. I suddenly dashed to towards it and began to climb. After reaching the top, I look down to see the height to what I’ve accomplish and began to head down when my...

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