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Children Playing in Competitive Sports

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Children should experience the values of playing in a competitive sport. Playing a competitive sport at a younger age will benefit the child in the future with either the mental learning of confidence or physical advantage that can give them many opportunities to becoming successful. Children learn discipline, striving for challenges, working with others and it build s confidence. Sports give the child an activity to do and not being influenced by troubling distractions that come as they get older. Children learn more at a younger age and can give them a better advantage when competing in sports.
Parents encouraging their children to get involved in competitive sports are giving them an early learning path of life skills. Discipline is an important factor when playing a sport and teaching a child this at a younger age gives them the advantage of learning responsibility. Kathiann Kowalski writes, “To do well, they must work hard and follow instructions. ‘The coach can see who's been trying their hardest’ said Mark of Bay Village, Ohio ” (17). Children can learn that rules and instructions that are followed can bring a better understanding of the game and teach them that other set rules they are given should be followed as they would if playing a sport.
Competitive sports give children a way to challenge themselves in wanting to do their best. I grew up playing several sports and striving to be the best. My parents encouraged me to think of each time I played that it was my last game, practice and I had to give 110% at everything I did in order to be successful in what I wanted to accomplish. It helped me as I was younger because I was happy when someone I knew or did not know would say I was amazing or I make it look easy. The article “Being your best” in Current Health 1 reported, “Think of yourself as a ‘work in progress,’ constantly finding ways to improve...

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