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Children Reared by Single Parents

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University of the Philippines in the Visayas-Cebu College
Social Sciences Division
S.Y. 2005-2006

Coping Strategies of Children Reared by Single Parents: A Psychological Study

Thesis (Psychology 195)

Carabio, Charmaine

Statement of the Problem

1. What are the respondents’ concepts of an ideal family?

2. What are the respondents’ perceived causes of their condition?

3. What are the respondents’ dimensions of the perceived cause of their condition?

4. What are the common problems encountered by the respondents being reared by a single parent?

5. What are the common coping mechanisms of respondents?

6. What are the respondents’ nature of relationship with the parent living with and not living with?

7. What is the respondents’ frequency of communication with the parent living with and not living with?

8. What is the respondents’ level of self-esteem?

9. What is the respondents’ level of assessment of their condition?

10. What is the respondents’ level of quality of relationship with the parent not living with?

11. Is there a significant association between self-esteem and the following variables:

1. assessment of condition?

2. quality of relationship with the parent not living with

12. Is there a significant difference between self-esteem and the following variables:

1. type of family?

2. employment status of parent living with the respondent?

3. perceived socio-economic?

4. cause of single parenthood?

5. nature of relationship with parent living with the respondent?

6. nature of relationship with parent not living with the respondent?

7. frequency of relatio0nship with parent not living with the respondent?

8. frequency of communication of the respondents with the parent not living with?...

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