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Children and Technology

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The overuse of technology and health concerns in child development




The overuse of technology and health concerns in child development
Technology is a remarkable achievement. It has surpassed the expectations of former inventors, physicists, and engineers, among them Nikola Tesla who predicted that mobile devices would soon be a reality (Popular Mechanics, 1909). Forward to present day and mobile devices are applied in almost every aspect of daily living. Mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, and computers are common household items. The use of these devices serves a common purpose; efficiently complete tasks, whilst being productive. However, more often than not, technology’s use envelops its users. This is becoming more apparent in children who are maturing with technology at their fingertips. A developing child’s mind, in early stages of growth, is malleable making them more prone to develop a reliance on technology when such devices are given to them at such a young age. Reliance on technology can harm a developing child in mental, emotional, and physical aspects. The overuse of entertainment technology on a developing child raises health concerns. By fostering a mental, social, emotional, and physical foundation during child development, families can curtail the negative outcomes of technology overuse. Children and adolescents are constantly bombarded with large amounts of information.
Internet, video games, Facebook, and TV play a major role in the decline of cognitive abilities.
As stated by the Ministry of Science, ICT and future planning (2012), 65% of teens have mobile phones, as opposed to almost 22% of teens in 2011 (Il-Hyun & Eun-Jee, 2013). As technology grows, children grow with it, and the results can be disapproving. Equally, forming socialemotional...

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