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Children’s Story 2 Lisa often gets frustrated when trying to play with other children. She takes toys from their hands and even hits children with the toys.
To start with watch the child to see if there are any cues to the situation about the aggressive behavior. Learn what you can about the factors that can trigger the behavior so the next time you can use can use the best method to help combat the behavior when it occurs. Look and see who the child is hitting, is it anyone in particular? Does he do it to one person or is it to others he is with. If it is just one person is the temperament a poor match or are the rules for play not clearly understood. How is the aggression expressed? Is it through word then action or is the first response to hit. At the first sign that your child is about to become aggressive, step in and remove him from the situation. Try not to give too much attention to the child so that you do not give any negative reinforcement for the bad behavior. You can give too much attention that can include trying to “talk through” the problem. Young children are not able to hear long reasons of why their behavior was aggressive. A simple yet firm announcement such as, “We don’t hit” should do while you turn your attention to the other child. Immediately remove him or her from the situation without getting angry yourself. Show self-control and use kind words if we want our children to do the same. It’s easy to reply with yelling or anger, but remember, your child is looking to you for signs on how to control his instincts and have good behavior. Help them know that they are anger by stating, “I know you're mad, but we don’t hit. No hitting. You can practice ways to de-fuse your child's anger during quieter moments. You...

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