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Children's Upbringing

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Children's upbringing
We start in the first text called Why I love my strict Chinese mom from a newspaper. It is an inter-view from The New York Post interviewing Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld who describes her up-bringing as a child. She had a very strict mother who used methods as not letting the children attend sleep-overs, have play dates, be in school plays, complain about not being in a school play. The daughter goes on telling the interviewer that she does not think that her mother rose her badly, as most of society does. She thinks that the mother did a really good job and that she in no way have lost any possibilities of friendship and fun. The method the mother uses is to have a strict scheme of what the children can and cannot do which, in the end, turned out great for her kids who says "If I died tomorrow, I would die feeling I've lived my whole life at 110 percent."
The second text is called Let them eat pizza: parenting guru's recipe for bringing up children. Dr Bryan Caplan claims that activities such as music lessons, organized sports and educational games are a waste of time as they do not make the slightest difference to children when they mature. Parents should relax and give the children more slack and take a backseat role in the children's lives. Although he does subtly state that parents should make an effort to interact with their children until the age of 12 where after "it has no effect"
The third and last text is a general policy statement from the Summerhill School. The schools policy is that "Learning should come after play" They state that learning is less important than playing. They give the example of Nijinsky, a famous ballet dancer, who failed to get the grade he needed to attend the ballet school he wished. They say that other schools have too narrow out-look due to classroom walls and the National Curriculum. They believe that children are good and not evil beings, which is why they should have free reins instead of letting the children bow to the social pressure from their parents and schoolteachers to be someone they are not.
I will go on to discuss how A.S. Neill is engaging the reader in the text. He makes the example of Nijinsky which makes the reader think if they really are right and would have happened if he had not gotten help. He engages the reader to think in saying that people think that if a child is not learning something the child is wasting time, even though the readers may not think that. He uses examples such as Jane, Peter and Ivan who cannot live up to the social expectations and suffers for it.
I will try to discuss how I feel children should be raised by taking a starting point in all three texts. Actually I believe that all three methods are viable to an extent. Every text have some good points and some have outright wrong opinions in my vision on how children should be raised. I believe that children should be both held with a tight grip and loose chains in moderation. Children should get several boundaries that cannot cross until a certain age or until a certain accomplishment is achieved. For example if a kid is not allowed to go to a friend's house until their homework are done. In a way I feel the opposite of the third text saying "play before learning". I feel that children should make their homework or sometimes lie about having made their homework before they can play with friends. I believe that social activities physical or non-physical are a very important factor in the children's upbringing especially later in their lives. They have to have been trained in the skill of small-talking and making friends for without them they are not enjoying life to its full extent.
In reference to the tiger mother text I do not believe that kids should be kept under such strict rules prohibiting the children in entering school plays and never having or attending sleep overs. The fact that they are not allowed to play video games is neither something I think as the right way to go. Today video games can have a very big and good impact on children's methods of learning and they learn how many different things that are available to learn and can in that way dig into what they think they will occupy their lives with. Traveling the world or sitting behind a desk is completely the children's choice and not something the parents are to decide.

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