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King Leonidus
It was a warm August day in the year 480 B.C, when I went out to meet Xerxes' legion at Thermopylae. My force consisted of 7,000 Greek men, which was nothing at all compared to the 200,000 Persians that awaited us on our path. My Spartans and I marched on the front lines toward the fight hoping that we would spark the spirits of our Greek allies by knowing they had the battle-hardened Spartans leading them.
As we marched into the pass, our eyes perceived the Persian immortals, these soldiers were Persia's exclusive fighting force and they feared nothing. They wore a type of formidable mask which was all white with obsidian indentations where their eyes were supposed to be. We formed a tenacious line with our spears pointed out in front of our shields and the rocky pass covering both of our sides. We sat there in our imperishable pack waiting for the immortals to start their advance, we knew if we broke our formation it would create an inadequate spot in our line which could be penetrated and eventually over ran by the immortals. Every man was ready for this day, our Spartans were bred for war, it's all they had ever known, and now they would get to show the true meaning of what it is to be a Spartan.
The immortals grew impatient and started in a full sprint at our front lines, as they came closer I gave the order for my men to hold out their spears and stand their ground at all costs. The first wave of immortals were cut down by our lengthy spears without any complications. They regrouped and sent an even bigger wave the following attack, as they drew closer expecting to make better progress than the previous time, I ordered the men to throw their spears at the front lines. The first line of the immortals were completely dropped as our spears pierced their bodies, now within inches of us, I announced to draw swords and break our formation. We...

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