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This letter is to inform family and friends on the undetermined cause of what has happened at the gold and coppers mine here in Chile. It is to our understanding that there have been thirty-three Chilean men trapped in the mine. Through a small bore hole messages have been sent to proper authorities that all men are still alive. With our modern day technology a video recorder was placed down a hole to witness that they were all in good health. One main concern that many individuals have asked, has been about the air supply. We would like to also inform everyone that through well-constructed observation, and also the Chilean mine workers, that the ventilation are still in working order which provides a fresh air supply to the men. Water supply is also available through storage tanks. We are working at the best of our abilities to resolve this situation, and deeply apologize for this unknown accident at this time. It would be best to address them in person.

Internal News:
Late breaking news has been announced near a northern city in Copia, Chile. Thirty three Chilean men have been trapped in an underground mine about twenty –three hundred feet below the surface. It is not clear on the cause of this incident at the time, but stay tuned to your local new channel for all information regarding to this undetermined incident. If you’re not near a television then you can locate all matters regarding the Chilean men and current information also via the internet from your local news website.…...

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