Chilean Copper Mine Collapse

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Chilean Copper Mine Collapse
The Chilean mine collapse in which over 30 workers were trapped in Northern Chile is an example where knowing your audience is important when you have to pass the information of the collapse. The incident in question (Weik, 2010), “San José mine, a small copper operation in northern Chile owned by Minera San Esteban Primera, suffered a cave-in on August 5, leaving 33 workers trapped underground. Rescuers are drilling holes in an attempt to locate the workers, but there is no official confirmation whether they would be alive after four days with limited food, water and oxygen. A second cave-in on Saturday forced rescuers to suspend works for several hours. Workers are trapped at a depth of around 300 metres.” It is the responsibility of the mine owner, to pass the information of the collapse to those who have family members trapped along with the co-workers of those trapped. The importance of timely and accurate information is critical in this type of information.
In passing the information to the families of the trapped miners,” you should always break bad news to someone in person.”(Bonander, n.d.) This may not be made by the owner of the company necessary but it is his/her responsibility to ensure it is done, possibly by a public relations representative. Ideally this information would be passed face to face in the individual homes of the victims’ families. In this case many families may have already gone to the mine site when they first heard of the mine collapse in this case it may be appropriate for all the families to be brought into a private area to pass the news of the trapped miners as a group. Along with the passing of the news it would be appropriate to have counselors available (at owners expense) to help the families deal with the tremendous news they have received. It would also be important to have someone available to…...

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