Chilean Mine Collapse

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Chilean Mine Collapse
The bearer of bad news is never easy. The way in which the news is delivered and what must be done before and after the news is relayed is also important. The needs of the employees are different from the needs of the family. Prior to the providing a statement or briefing, It is vital to address each of these groups in a specific way. Before meeting with the families and employees, one must have the latest facts available and provide specific information on exactly what actions will be taken to rescue the trapped men. It is imperative to provide timelines during the rescue and report on the condition of the miners. Any communication between the miners and rescuers must also be provided. Finally, it is important to have a plan of action available regarding what will happen each day of the rescue mission.
When commutating with family members about the collapse, the best method of approach for an accident like this is a face-to-face meeting. Provide transportation to a centrally located briefing facility and ensure they are cared for during the rescue attempts. Provide grief counselors and updated progress reports during every step of the rescue mission. Food and accommodations must be made available for those who choose to stay at the mine site. It is crucial for the company to reassure the families that everything that can be done to rescue the men will be done.
For employees, conduct a briefing at the location of the mine and provide a progress report. Offer grief counselors and reassure that the company will do everything it can to investigate why this accident happened and to take every measure to ensure it does not happen again. Reassure them that the company values its employees and their safety is top priority.

In conclusion, the company must make it clear to families, employees, and the world that all necessary equipment, supplies…...