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Poetry Essay, Thesis, and Outline of William Blake
“The Chimney Sweeper”

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In William Blakes, “The Chimney Sweeper”, this poem is told by a chimney sweep who tells of

a younger sweep that is sold into slavery by his father, after his mother dies. The main theme of

the poem is that of the loss of innocence of these children, who are depicted in the poem under

harsh and abusive treatment in the 1800’s. With their innocence stolen by their parents and their

owners these children were forced into confined areas filled with comb webs, and dirty sooty

conditions, where their lives were sacrificed to their life of cleaning these chimneys, of which

they died of young ages. The narrator tells of the young Tom Dacre’s dream of the only way out

of this life of misery.

1. Introduction-

William Blake writes of his concern for these children’s well being

2. Body Section – The Poem


1. The boy’s mother dies at young age (Stanza 1)

2. Sold - Loss of Innocence (Stanza 2)

3. Dream (Stanza 3)

4. Angel (Stanza 4)

5. Hope of a Father (Stanza 5)

6. Their duty (Stanza 6)

3. Williams Blake, diction and imagery of the life of a Chimney Sweep

1. Tone- dark and depressing/ happiness:

Somber, death, weep, soot, cry, darkness, (stanza 1-3)

Sense of happiness, Sun, free, laughing, joy, warm, cleaning (stanza 3-6)

Boys frolicking in green plains…...