China and Clothing

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China is widely recognized in the USA as the majority of the “Made in” labels. Ninety Eight percent of the United States clothing is imported from the country of China. China is located on 3,696,000 square miles in eastern Asia, and can be found surrounded by walls erected in the 15th century. This is a Communist state, and is the world’s largest political party with about 80 million members. More commonly known as the CPC, for Chinese Communist Party, and was formed in 1921.

January 1 1995, a national labor law went into affect for China, setting regulations, and labor reform. Minimum wage was set at $33 USD per month, yet minimum wage was determined by poverty level. This country tries to enhance workers conditions, yet strikes and delayed wages have been detrimental to the employees’ wellbeing. Working conditions are considerably worse with private owned companies, which are owned by private government. Women face gender discrimination, as do older workers. Children are not supposed to work until they reach the age of 16, but about 10 million children between the ages of 6 and 14 are working in China. China practices Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s), however only about 20-30% of the countries areas partake in this practice. This can hamper the money China is capable of making, and in order to produce more money for their economy need to expand their FTA into other areas. The FTA has reduced fees placed on imported goods to China by about 90%.…...