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China and Pest Analysis

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Using the following country – China critically evaluate the key economic, political and technological factors conditions that have enabled it to become a “rapidly developing economy” or “emerging economy.” Also what recommendations would you make for the economy of China to sustain its economic growth?

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China as country and an economy has grown significantly in the past few decades beyond many people’s measures and expectations. As pointed out by Findlay and O’Rourke “In the longer run, the gradual rise of China to their natural roles as major economic and political superpowers was not only the best news for global human welfare in a generation, but promised to raise a variety of geopolitical challenges which as yet remain unpredictable.” (Findlay and O’Rourke, p.18 2007)

This assignment will help argue the case for the key economic indicators and the role of the government that has helped China in its momentous growth strategies and what made them so successful. In the second part I have made recommendations to China to what I think will help them sustain their economic growth based on the analysis I have provided in the first part of the essay.

China’s history dates back to 1912 when it was official the republic of china was formed and Sun Yat-sen was the first proclaimed provisional president. In 1949 major combat resulted in China being forced into newer leadership (Communist Party). The new president Mao Zedong promoted a much different outlook he encouraged population growth and under his spell the population of China had almost doubled from 550 million to over 900. President Jiang Zemin is the major player that helped China pull through the 1990’s his stability and careful economic policies meant that an estimated 150 million peasants were able to come out of poverty and...

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