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China Business Environment

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Executive summary:
Human resource, one of the essential element in business. Everythings need human activities. Therefore, a good human resource management can lead to be success.
The five-year plan aims in development and gaining competitive advantage over the world. It requires many of tasks and hence many of labor supplies. This provides an business opportunity for a leading company in Human resource management, the ExcelNet, to get involvement for processing these tasks and expand the business over the China.
This report will focus on different targets stated in the five-year plan and analysing each targets, providing advices for how to enter the China market by providing human resource services to the China government.

1. Introduction
2. Findings and Discussion
3. Recommendation
4. Conclusion
5. Reference
6. Appendices


The chosen company is ExcelNet, which is a Human Resource consulting firm. It is a leading company in Human Resource Consulting Services and consist of professionals in different sections, providing recruitment, outsourcing, diversified human resource management solutions mainly in Hong Kong and China. The ExcelNet has provided such service to more than 400 clients, it means that the ExcelNet has many experience and skills in the Human Resource Management. It is large enougth for expansion in the China, a huge market with 1.3 billion populations.
The ExcelNet has already setup a department in Mainland China and served government departments, public companies and both Small and Medium-sized companies. That means the company is familiar with the Business environment in China. As the goal of 12th-FYP focus on enhancing the competitiveness over the world, it is critical for proccesing by human resource restructing because every project and business need humans. Human Resource Management can improve the...

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